RandoLabs is a small and cozy part of the metaverse
created by an avid NFT enthusiast spiridono.


RandoLabs presents its genesis collection of RandoMice!

  • 🐭 A collection of 6,969 adorable collectible mice, made with love for NFTs.
  • 🐭 Each RandoMouse is randomly generated from 186 badass traits of different rarities and permanently stored on decentralised web (IPFS)
  • 🐭 Released initially without any roadmap, promises and marketing, RandoMice sold out in 2 hours and gathered amazing people around them

Join our fun and friendly community and enjoy the ride!

Assorted Randomice



Crazy scientist Spiridono puts 6,969 lab mice through the Randomatron, they all get their own unique look and character and become RandoMice.

The Button

The mice find THE BUTTON. While Spiridono sleeps, they press it and all hop into the Randomatron, one by one, curious of what happens. The Randomatron goes brrrr…

Mass Evolution

Inside of the Randomatron, each mouse transforms into its higher form! The mice keep all their traits but change their look and become interactive. From now on you can follow your mice evolution by clicking the red button right on your NFT!

Individual Evolution

Spiridono finds out about the mischief and guards the Randomatron with a password. The mice begin competing for the opportunity crack the code, jump back into the Randomatron and evolve further!

Mice Rewards

Meanwhile, 100% of secondary sales go into the RandoLabs treasury and used for staffing, development and most importantly, mice gifts! As the mice grow, the gifts grow with them - community giveaways become multiple of the mice floor.

To Be Continued

As time passes, the mice will find out what else THE BUTTON is capable of. $MEEF? Merch? 3D? 4D? Collab with Her Majesty? Who knows…